Airstream Restoration

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  1. One of the L brackets needed to be bent because of the curved wall. That’s what a vise is for! Notice I didn’t say “vice.”
  2. On the window above the sink, there wasn’t room for a curtain between the curved wall and the faucet. A piece of the ⅛ inch flexible door “skins” that were used on the curved ceilings, held in place by window swivel clips, worked like a charm—it pops out when I want to uncover the window.
  3. I’m fully wired!
  4. I did indeed find a spot for my treadle sewing machine so I can sew while on the road.
  5. I lined my linen curtains with Drapery Budget Blackout, not only for sun protection, but extra privacy.
  6. My sewing machine was put on four plastic coasters, and then an eye bolt secured it permanently to the floor.
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