Airstream Restoration

  1. For cabinets, I combined two pre-fab bathroom vanities I purchased at my local hardware store. Because it was going to fit over one of the wheel wells, two of the drawers were going to be non-functioning, merely decorative after gluing the door fronts back on.
  2. The existing legs weren’t tall enough, so 2″ from some old wooden spindles were added.
  3. To secure the drawers and cabinet doors, a simple piece of wood does the job.
  4. Past the half-way mark for sure!
  5. Bed frame with cargo bay underneath.
  6. I fit three pieces of ¾″ plywood on top, effectively turning the entire back of the trailer into a bed.
  7. I can’t sleep on a toxic foam mattress, even on the road. So I opted for a king-size 6″-thick latex mattress from, and cut it in half so that one half would go into the 1958 Yellowstone I’m renovating (stay tuned!). Brace yourself, 100% non-toxic latex is expensive! It’s crafted in the USA, and it comes tightly compacted, rolled in a long narrow box. But it weighs a couple hundred pounds, so you’ll want to unroll it in the place you’re going to do the work.
  8. It came with a nice covering that I had to dismantle and sew back together again as two separate covers with zippers. I picked up an extra zipper at my local fabric store.
  9. Before I cut it in half, my grandgirls used it as a trampoline.
  10. I designed curtain rods using ¾″ dowels attached to 1½″ L brackets pinned together using 1″ truss-head screws that are easily removable for washing the curtains.