Airstream Restoration

  1. For lighting, I found beautiful wall-mounted bathroom lights at I bought two Emrick Row Lights with three lights ($35 each) and four Emrick Dual Bath Lights with two lights ($24 each), all with a brushed nickel finish.
  2. I chose a beautiful vintage copper and glass fixture for the exterior light.
  3. I found a nifty on-demand propane-powered water heater that’s able to supply all my on-the-road needs, including glamporific soaks in my vintage clawfoot tub (with only a 10-minute fill time) from (the Eccotemp 40-HI-LP Tankless Water Heater) for $550.
  4. Air conditioning? Now, that’s glamping! I bought a Coleman Polar Cub low-profile roof air conditioner from PPL Motor Homes ( for $575.
  5. The air conditioner was installed on top of the middle ceiling vent (of three total).
  6. I wanted a deep sink for crafting projects while on the road, so I settled on this type of stainless steel sink.
  7. The door needed new molding. I purchased “D” shaped ⅜″-wide rubber molding at my local hardware store. A good seal keeps out dust and moisture.
  8. Make sure you make plenty of keys because my Airstream door wants to lock on me when I shut the door from the outside.
  9. For my desk, I repurposed an old spindle to hold up one end of it.
  10. The other end is attached to the side of the refrigerator cabinet.